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A Breath oh Fresh Air

Don’t Step In It

on August 25, 2017

I blog about what is on my mind and or in my heart, which usually correlates to my latest lesson learned. This week is no different… but, this story starts with shit.


To some of you, this might sound gross. But, give me a minute before you get off this pot. I believe it is a topic most of you will relate to.. More importantly, I think we can all agree (usually on nothing) that life. needs. more. laughs. So I am going to lighten my load. (Pun[s] totally intended – because if we are going to go there, let’s go all in and have some fun!)

I used to be one of those people who was afraid to poop in public places. I think it’s a girl thing. I didn’t go for a whole week when we went to Camp Hastings in junior high. And I had a friend in college who used to drive 45 minutes home instead of pooping in her dorm. Seriously, to some, pooping is a big deal*. And for the guys out there, let me tell you – if you think that when a girl leaves a toothbrush or asks for a drawer at your place she is really serious about you, think again. The real defining moment of any relationship is when / if she will poop at your place (or in the hotel room you are sharing while on vacation – while you are in the room). Yep, movements are really milestones. Personally, I am over the fear of where I will poop, and way past avoiding (all!) stinky situations in front of my husband. Eleven years in, sometimes that’s dinner conversation! (Married peeps out there don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about!) But I do still have poop concerns. And yes, I am going to share them. (You already know this whole post is TMI – so [let’s get into some] shit or [you should] get off the po{s}t!).

My first poop concern is the capability of the toilet to flush adequately, or at all. I have (and so have you) been a victim of my “cuppeth running over”, and this is always terrifying! And now, the potential for overflow paralyzes me. So, my lesson learned is to test the toilet of anywhere I stay or work before I drop my kids off at the pool. And if there isn’t a plunger nearby, I will likely buy one. (I actually had a plunger in my car for a while. Yep. That happened.) Ironically, I have no problem pooping in a port-a-potty or in a non-flusher (like when we camp), because the fear of the flush is removed; these are show stoppers for many, but not me! (Yay! ?? !)

Poop concern number two is the bigger concern – when. I eat right, take probiotics, and drink a lot of water, so my system now is fairly regular. This means you will usually see me on Facebook between 5 and 530 a.m. winkBut sometimes life interrupts this routine; like when I have to coach at the gym at 445 a.m. Now, some of you have never had a job where you can’t just walk away from your desk and drop one. But, if you have waited tables, taught classes, coached, or been in another position that can’t continue without you there, then you know why the when is an issue. Now, the gym has a plunger (you’re welcome), and if I have to, I can make my move(ment) during a 2 minute rest. But the reason poop is so present on my mind now is that I have TWO new situations coming up to plan pooping around: teaching a 6 a.m. CARDI-YO class** (dangerously close to my “Facebook” time!), and somehow stimulating my stomach before the half-marathon I just agreed to do (Chicago, 9/24).

This crap crisis is really stressing me out. I can’t just excuse myself mid-downward dog by saying, “Do 40 cat-cows on your own while I drop a deuce.” So after losing (way too much) sleep over this, and hearing myself spinning out strategies for these situations with a girlfriend yesterday morning (thanks K!), I knew I had to blog about it. Because sharing my silly is as important as leaving you with lessons learned. But don’t you worry… as promised initially, I can deliver on both.

Tying this back to my mission to be better than my day before:  I am knee deep in this “shit” situation because I am trying two new things. Pooping is just an obstacle on my path to progress. And obstacles are temporary.

Michael Jordan said, “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” In my case, working around it means as long as I don’t step in it, I can and I will continue on my path to progress.

poopSo the lesson learned? Don’t let shit stop you.


*Season Two, Episode Two, of Life in Pieces. Watch it (the Colleen and Matt story). Hysterical.

**CARDI-YO – MY new class (!) coming to Pulsation Yoga in Arlington Heights every Wednesday and Friday morning at 6 a.m. starting 9/13! 45 minutes of energizing yoga sequences integrated with heart-pumping cardio and body weight strengthening movements. Expect to leave feeling highly energized and harmonized! Keep your eye on my Facebook page for more details.


2 responses to “Don’t Step In It

  1. A. THOMPSON says:

    Absolutely hysterical and so true. Poo crisis can reek havoc upon a person. Thanks for sharing Jen. Seems my life is a constant conversation about poo after we got a puppy. Is it healthy, did she make/leave one, how many, how did it get on your hand, etc???
    I find that when we become comfortable with poo then the rest of the “shit” (metaphor emphasied) in Life is so much easier to handle. Well done.


    • jpearl19 says:

      Love your metaphor!! Would have been a great inclusion in the blog! Another lesson learned!! Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing your thoughts. And mostly thank you for being in my life!


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