Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air


on May 12, 2017

jerry beachIs time ever on your side?

After all, time itself is something with many sides.

There is either too much or not enough of it; and it either goes by too fast or too slow. Rarely is it just right, regardless of our plan’s plans to make it so.

The only principle that masters the manipulation of time is patience. Patience encourages alternative engagement when there is too much time; and she reminds you to breathe when there isn’t enough of it. Patience helps you get back to playing in your present when time starts to fly too fast; and when time is oh so very freaking slow, she is likely offering you space to silently prepare for something you don’t know about that is in your next. (a space we tend to get angry about instead of taking advantage of).

But none of this makes managing time any easier if your patience isn’t perfect – which no one’s is. We can practice cultivating patience, but while we are waiting for our something wonderfuls, she is too often shoved into our shadows.

In our “what’s next for you” world, we are often seduced into staring ahead instead of right in front of us, and by doing so we miss many nows. And when we are lucky enough to know what we want, seeing all the space (aka time) in the middle of us and making our mark can be maddening.

But we need to stop and consider: what will we miss if we fast forward to our future? Instead of people coming and going from our paths, there would be many we would never even meet. The magic of our many moments would be replaced with only our milestones, so lessons would go unlearned. We would miss all the good parts that get us to the big parts. We would miss the growth. The ride. The journey. The anticipation (which side note is such an undervalued positive part of our path on its own). All that would be left would be our destination, and yes, we would arrive there faster – but emptier.

In a world without waiting, we wash away some of our character’s full potential. We lose opportunities to strengthen our resilience. We sell ourselves short.

So the path to my better than my day before takes me back to cultivating patience. By no means am I an expert (my husband will attest to this), but I am a working on my progress. So whenever I feel myself wanting to fast forward, I look at or think of my dog Jerry. Jerry is 8 (I think, I often lie about his age thinking that will mean he will be around longer). And as much as it hurts my heart to say it or think it – Jerry isn’t likely going to be a part of some of future (really far out I hope) milestones. So Jerry keeps me present. He keeps me patient. He keeps me okay with waiting and wondering. He keeps me wanting to be in my here and he is my now.

Jerry is how I practice my patience. jerry camping2

So next time you find yourself angry with a side of time, ask yourself what you would miss if the situation wasn’t exactly what it was (is). The answer might not be apparent in your now, and the question might actually be aggravating in its own right in a shit situation, but the worth will come to light in some part of your happily ever after.Jerlex

So time may not always or ever seem to be on your side, but you can invite it over by accepting that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Even when we are waiting. Patiently.

Because your best you is worth waiting for.

The Two Most Powerful Warriors are Patience and Time – Tolstoy

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