Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air

Wake Me Up

on October 30, 2015

Wisdom Life is a puzzle that comes to us in pieces.

Some people believe there is a big picture in place and we assemble predestined pieces. Others believe that our puzzle pieces come together from a conundrum of circumstances and our own criteria and causes.  If you are like me your soul stands somewhere in between

In my mind, our puzzle pieces start off as clean slates and have (un)predictable potential. Each piece represents knowledge (aka a lesson learned) and is a part of our life’s puzzle. But it is wisdom that assembles our pieces, turning our puzzle into our life’s picture.

Wisdom is knowledge with years of experience behind it (said someone to me recently).

Putting this puzzle together is a perpetual project. Sometimes we think all of our pieces are perfectly placed, only to realize later that were a few forced together. This is a result of trying things out to know if it is our truth (our right piece in our right place). It doesn’t make these misplaced pieces any less a part of us; it merely means that they were in the wrong position.

This puzzle is an exercise in being patient and present. As part of my journey to be better than the day before, I practice honoring both. On my puzzle project this means working to accept less than perfect while waiting for the wisdom to truly understand each of my piece’s “perfect” place.

We are all works in progress, and so are our puzzles.

Stopping to speak to “perfect”… for me, something is perfect when I hear harmony in my heart, mind, body, and soul; when I make decision that is followed by relief and not remorse. Perfect is personal and in my mind it’s also pliable; our own perfect has nothing to do with anyone else’s. (My only real rule for perfect is that a personal perfect puts no wicked in any other’s world).

So… on my journey, I collect my pieces and try not to be preoccupied with their placement. And I try not to figure out what everything I know means right now.

I DO try to give my wisdom the space, time, and the experience(s) it needs to result in my realizations. I DO sing as many songs as it takes to find my soul’s (“perfect”) sound.

When we stop searching for “perfect” placement, stop trying to make sense of everything NOW, we allow purpose to paint our picture; our intuition to guide our intention; our details get more dancing space; and we put together a puzzle that portrays all the pieces in our life’s picture.

This is why wisdom is worth waiting for.

2 responses to “Wake Me Up

  1. Maggie says:

    Sometimes the puzzle piece seems to fit only to find out later, it belongs in another place. I believe that wisdom, changes your perception on the whole puzzle of life.


  2. jpearl19 says:

    Maggie, great observation. It is amazing to me how multi-faceted perception really is. The relationship between perception and wisdom could be a whole separate blog post (and maybe it will be)! Thanks for reading – and for sharing your wisdom. xo


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