Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air

Raise Your Glass

on October 2, 2015

I like to save things. Not save things for reference, reflection, or to mark milestones or memories; those saves I am safely selective on. There is somewhat of a saving situation in my house in the recycler respect; I have a problem letting go of tinfoil timely. Today’s story though is about being a saver by way of saving special things for the right special occasion.

For example, the free samples of stuff (think hair and make-up) I get that I would not buy (/need / even know how to use for that matter). I would save them for this (never to be named next) special occasion. But waiting only led to forgetting, or deciding that the situation wasn’t special enough. (Or weirdly and worse I would worry I would like the expensive product too much and a want would become yet another needless need). You can see where this is going – a drawer full of fancy waiting to be worn that went bad before ever making it out of the box.

Recently I realized that this saving was not solving OR satisfying anything; in fact, it was simply creating more of the clutter I rebelled against in other areas of my life. This epiphany challenged me to question what I was qualifying as a “special occasion”. Why wasn’t I just enjoying what I could, when I could, simply because I could? We all know that I don’t wait for an invite before opening a door; yet, here I was, waiting for that special something that never seemed to start.

True to Gemini fashion, I (fortunately!) found that my other side is not a(n over-)saver. For example, I don’t save special jewelry for my someday Cinderella story; this I wear whenever and wherever I want. I learned this lesson from my Gramma (her spelling!) Charlotte. She would always say that jewelry was meant to be worn; that beautiful wasn’t meant to be left in a box. Now, I don’t wear much jewelry at a time, but I am lucky to have a husband with a good eye for simple yet pretty things. (I am a pearl girl; I have a June birthday and my nickname growing up (and to some today) was Pearl due to my last name being Perlik).

Like all ladies, some of my treasures are fancier than others. But I don’t let their pizazz predicate my preferences. I will wear a string of pearls with jeans and gym-shoes if that’s how my feelings fly, just as nothing stopped Gramma from exchanging her (and now my!) everyday bangle bracelets for her tennis bracelet and diamond earrings to play bridge (or even tennis) on a Monday morning.

It’s time for my other side to start seeing the world from Gramma’s ground. Gramma would have used any samples she got the very same day, whether she was going to play golf or to a play downtown. She wasn’t afraid of “use it or (to) lose it”; she simply wore when she wanted and she wore it well.

For Gramma, special could be worn any day, because every day was special.

So it’s not about waiting for the right moment; it’s about making my moment right.

And letting LIFE be my special occasion.


(Facts for fun: Gramma’s diamond earrings are now Ali’s and my engagement rings, and her tennis bracelet was worn by each of the four granddaughters (as well as the granddaughter’s in laws) when we walked down the aisle. And… full disclosure – my tinfoil thing was also Gramma’s).

My beautiful picture

Left to right: Mom, Gramma, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Karen, Laurie Thomson, Shelly Kaplan, and me (borrowing Gramma’s glam).

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