Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air


on September 4, 2015

As I tell (live!) my story, I am starting to see my moral compass more clearly. On this journey to my best life, I feel compelled today to define (not defend) my direction.

  • I include faith as (one of my) partner(s) on my path towards happily ever after.
  • While I rely on reasons over random, I realize that reasons may not always be reasonable, and as such I prefer to choose an understanding that works in my world over wasting time with the (other) world’s why.
  • I am accountable for taking action, choosing my adventures, and finding my fulfillment.

All in all, I expect to get where I am (supposed to be.?.) going by being trusting and accountable; if don’t dig in to understand what that means for me, I leave too much room for doubt and excuse, and I increase my risk of going nowhere.

I wrote before that I believe everything happens for a reason, and I accepted that those reasons will not always be (my) right answers. It is up to me to pursue my own peace of mind to move forward with life. My approach relies on both faith and free will. My faith allows me to let go and let God (trust), but the [right) (or wrong] choices are on me to make; I am the one who writes the words and lives the life (accountability).

So my stand is that believing in reason over random does not make me a character in someone’s story versus the author of my own. My actions are still louder than my words and my story isn’t sealed. I choose to have faith that my best life is out there for me to find. But I still need to rely on my own choices to get me there.

My belief in how the world works may be an oxymoronic combination of divine intervention and my own choices. But I am satisfied with how that serves me today.

This is my definition; it is my own right answer and nothing more. Perfection is purposeless in my peace of mind.

So how does this all transfer into my life?

I am a strong believer in accepting what I cannot change, changing what I can, and having the wisdom to know the difference. My interpretation of this prayer / poem / proverb / you pick is that it is about maintaining trust (faith) and taking appropriate action; it empowers us with the freedom to distinguish what we need when (what is working for us on that day).

So aside from my own clarity, what’s my point?

The thing is that life, no matter how good we are to it and in it (no matter how much faith you have or action you do or don’t take) can sometimes happen to us for reasons beyond our will or understanding. Meaning, bad shit happens to good people. So having faith, or believing in reason versus random, doesn’t mean we are should live life waiting for the good OR bad shit to happen. Somewhere between finding faith and having hope we have to take steps towards making things happen. I believe Faith expects this of us; it’s our end of the divine bargain. What we put out there that comes back to us, and that’s where our focus needs to be.

I don’t expect anyone to see it my way, nor do I feel a need to understand anyone else’s compass. It doesn’t matter if what we think makes any sense to anyone else but us, as long as our thoughts keep us and our world safe.

This is my point. To me, our world is (should be) as simple as “do unto others”. We walk our same miles with our same feet on all this same ground and in this same life.

Regardless of how our own moral compasses come together, if we honor ourselves and carry each other then we will find fulfillment simply through serving ourselves and our world well. And, by putting one foot in front of the other, we will get where we are supposed to be, regardless of who or what defines that for us.

One Life. One Love. One Need.


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