Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air

Say Anything

on April 19, 2015

All week I have been struggling with a work in progress to post this week. I managed to get it all down on paper, but something just wasn’t right, so I had to let it go for now start fresh. But for the first time since I started this blog, I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Naturally, this was one of my worries before committing to this blog – a worry that actually turned into a roadblock that kept me from starting this for some time. One of the things I did to get past this was keep a running list of thoughts that struck me, my own library of life that I could always pick from when feeling speechless. This library eventually became my parachute, and was what finally helped me pull the cord, jump out of my head and onto paper.

My library is full of life’s voices, but none of them seemed to be speaking loud enough to my soul to say anything about this week. This morning I was talking to my sister while my nieces were playing in the park about this silence (aka my [dreaded] writer’s block); she suggested I maybe try some exercises online to help me find some clarity. This sounded like a great idea, and it was my intention to try this after my workout.

But during my workout something struck me – my problem wasn’t that I was blocked; my problem actually was that I was clear.

Let me explain.

All the thoughts I have written about so far have been people or events that have impacted me and I have learned from; all steps I have taken to be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

But these last few days I have just spent actually being and enjoying that better version of myself. I haven’t had any growth to speak about per se… rather I have reveled in the rewards of my journey so far.

So today, I am not going to say anything; instead, I am just going to share how happy and content I am at this very moment.

If you already are my friend on Facebook (and if you aren’t become one!), you know that I took Thursday and Friday off work and have spent my extended weekend experiencing my favorite things, on my own and with as many of my favorite people as time would allow. But beyond that, and what you can’t see from Facebook, is how grateful I am to have recognized the life that is available to me to live, and to be present in that wonderful life.

One of the biggest changes I have made in the past year or so is becoming a person who works to live versus one who lives to work. This change, this discovery rather, of who I am, what I truly enjoy, and what I can offer has opened so much more life to me (and in turn more of my life to share with others). Making time to do the things I want to do, not just staying on the side of the street of what I have to do, has woken me up.

These past four days have been as great as any vacation. I have enjoyed four different versions of four perfect days, and the person I was even last year might not have even been able to tell you what even one perfect day would look like.

My perfect days have included time alone and time with family; time exercising my mind and time exercising my body. I have enjoyed both wandering and having a purpose. I have taken and I have given. I have loved and been loved. My mind has been peaceful, and my heart grateful.

Something I do want to say is thank you to all who are reading, sharing, and inspiring this blog. Whether I say nothing, share everything, or something in between, this blog and your support truly brings pleasure, engagement, and meaning to my life and to this journey; to today’s and or tomorrow’s version of me.

Enjoy you. Enjoy others. Just enjoy.


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