Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath oh Fresh Air

Quick Breath: Touch of Silver

on April 3, 2015

We all know I like to talk to everyone- strangers included 🙂 This morning was no different.

I met George on the train on the way in; no gum needed, the icebreaker was his smile.

We greeted each other, and when I asked how he was today his answer was “Fantastic!” I asked if there was any specific reason, to which he replied “why be any other way?” Such a great start to the day, to meet a fellow optimist. Fun fact about George – he enjoys the Pillsbury Dough Boy (bear with me, not as creepy as it sounds). While I was working on my blog (spoiler alert, next post should up sometime today), he was reading his paper and just started to laugh out loud. This of course captured my attention, at which point he shared what he was looking at – which was indeed a picture of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. He explained that this was just a character he enjoyed; one that brought a smile to his face. Now it will to mine too 🙂

So, after getting off the train with a “fantastic” under my belt and an unsolicited laugh, I headed to the bank to see Patricia (teller). Patricia was wearing a beautiful MOM charm that I commented on, “someone sure loves you!” I think were my words. She told me that it was a gift from her 30 year old son; one of FIVE children, the oldest of which was a girl. I asked her if the girl was the second “mom” to all those boys, which is when she told me about her daughter’s accident a few years back, which caused permanent brain damage. “She’s okay” she told (assured) me… “but I take care of her”. After a moment, she continued to tell me that her daughter never had any children of her own, for which she felt grateful, because they would be hers to take care of now too.

We shared a “blessings in disguise” moment together. It was pretty cool. So I wanted to share it with you, hopefully inspiring you to find space, to make room, for being grateful today.

Stop, (start) just for today, to recognize what is great about your life – find at least one thing and celebrate it.

Appreciate everything and everybody.

(or take whatever part of any of this that you can and bring it into your day).

Look for the silver lining even in the deepest of greys; something bigger than you is painting this picture, sometimes the paint just needs time to dry.

2 responses to “Quick Breath: Touch of Silver

  1. George says:

    It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance this morning. What made me laugh, in addition to Poppin’ Fresh himself, was a reference in the article describing him as “a cute little anthropomorphic embodiment of fresh dough”.

    But yeah, no pants.


    • jpearl19 says:

      Thanks for reading – and for the “fresh dough” (pants or no pants). When I gave you the link I had no intention of writing about you… inspriation just continued on my way to the office. I was actually working on another entry while sitting with you today!
      I have a real hankering for a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll right about now though….
      Stay Wonderful!


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